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Our extraordinary leadership training programs encompass a highly demanding, 360-degree skill set development course, geared for an elite cadre of individuals who will go on to create social and economic value. 


Programs are tailored for selected high-impact populations such as alumni of elite military units, graduates of academic honors programs, prestigious fellowship recipients, and the up-and-coming leaders of the business/start-up ecosystem.  


The curriculum is designed according to the following three domains: 

Intrapersonal - the integral development of the participants as excellent human beings (mensch) in the physical, emotional, intellectual and moral domains. Areas of study include stoic philosophy, response-ability, integrity, emotional intelligence, meditation, ethics, critical thinking and essentialism.

Interpersonal - the ability to engage and inspire others through authentic, respectful, and meaningful interactions. Areas of study include communication, negotiation, argument, coordination and accountability.

Impersonal - participation as citizens within a community, a culture, and humanity as a whole. Areas of study include economics, comparative economic systems, economic history, political philosophy, Western Civilization and Postmodernism.

Transpersonal - achievement of the participants' highest potential through the recognition, understanding, and realization of unitive, spiritual, and transcendent states of consciousness.

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