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Mr. Reid Hoffman

Lead Donor

Mr. Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock Partners. He currently serves on the boards of companies such as Airbnb, Apollo Fusion, Aurora, Coda, Convoy, Entrepreneur First, and Microsoft, as well as on the boards of non-profit organizations such as Kiva, Endeavor, CZI Biohub, Do Something, Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Initiative, the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change.

Mr. Hoffman hosts the Masters of Scale podcast. He is the co-author of three best-selling books: The Start-Up of You, The Alliance, and Blitzscaling. He earned a master’s degree in philosophy from Oxford University, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a bachelor’s degree with distinction in symbolic systems from Stanford University. 


Prof. Fred Kofman President

Prof. Kofman holds a PhD. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He serves as  Senior Leadership Coach at Google, founding president of the Conscious Leadership Center at the Tec University in Monterrey, and founder and president of the Conscious Business Center International.

Previously, Prof. Kofman served as Vice President of Executive Development at LinkedIn and was a co-founder of Axialent, a global consulting company that has delivered leadership programs to more than 15,000 executives worldwide.

Prof. Kofman is a former professor at MIT and the author of the trilogy Metamanagement (2001), Conscious Business (2006) and The Meaning Revolution: The Power of Transcendent Leadership (2018).

Prof. Fred Kofman

Mr. Zur Genosar Co-Founder & CEO

Zur is acting CEO of the Hoffman Kofman Foundation and personally oversees every leadership program initiated by the Foundation. He is deeply committed to nurturing each and every program participant on the path to becoming an example of excellence. 

Zur is Co-Founder of Wisdom@Work, which specializes in optimizing team work and execution based on mindfulness, awareness and personal values, and Co-Founder of SOLEX, one of Israel's largest developers of Solar Fields. 

He was formerly CEO at PCT Technologies, and Director and Head of Business Unit at IDE Technologies, both belonging to the DELEK Group. Zur is also a former Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions for the Sybil Group, and associate at one of Israel's top 20 Law firms.


Zur earned his Law Degree from the Tel Aviv university. He is also a certified senior Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Together with his military service as an intelligence officer in a classified unit, Zur is a well-rounded professional with a comprehensive 360-degree skill set. 

Mr. Zur Genosar

Dr. Yael Ben Horin

Senior Facilitator

Yael is an Organizational & Occupational Psychologist with 25 years of experience. 

Her areas of expertise are executive coaching, leadership development, organizational learning as well as group interventions for team building, enhancing team performance and resilience. 

Yael is the Leadership Development Lead Consultant at AKT Consulting Company where she works with global companies as a consultant and personal coach to senior managers. She develops, leads and facilitates leadership development programs.

 As part of her work with the public sector and NGO's, she is a consultant to the Courts Administration Organization, she has led the "Young Israelis Leadership Program" with the late President Shimon Peres and has developed and facilitated leadership programs for women in the political arena as part of her role as the Academic Manager in WE-Power (an Israeli NGO).

 In the past, Yael served as an organizational consultant in the IDF for 15 years. She held organizational development managerial roles in the Navy and in the School of Leadership Development.

Yael is a certified psychologist and holds a PHD in Occupational and Organizational Psychology (from Haifa University). Yael has published articles in books on Organizational Consulting and Group Facilitation.

She is a faculty member of the School for Group Facilitation at Tel Aviv University. She is a member of the Ministry of Health's Professional Committee for Organizational and Occupational Psychology.  


Dr. Smadar Porat   

Senior Facilitator

Dr. Smadar Porat holds a PhD in  sociology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and received her B.A and M.A from the department of Psychology at the University of Haifa. Her research interests include complexity leadership, leadership from a network perspective (Social Network Analysis), relational leadership & emergent Leadership. 

Smadar was the head of R&D at the Institute for Quality Leadership (IQL), where she led a professional global team of leadership developers and managed the innovative platforms for leadership development.

these Days Smadar serves as the CEO and founder of DUX, a leadership development consulting company in addition to serving as a senior facilitator and consultant for leadership development programs in local and international organizations, focusing on ‘leading managements’, leadership in times of disruption and leadership for Innovation. She also teaches courses in the MA program in Sociology and Psychology at Haifa University and Ariel University, and leads a leadership program at the Peres center for peace and innovation. 

Smadar is an expert in architecting tailor-made leadership programs, exploring the unique mission tasks of organizations, shaping the required leadership capabilities and helping leaders to unleash their leadership potential.


Mr. David Golan

Senior Facilitator

David is a management and business master coach, with vast experience in training and coaching business persons and managers. He holds a B.Sc in Industrial & Management Engineering from Tel Aviv University. 


David is the founder of "Giving in Management" – an important and effective method to manage people using the generous approach in daily management issues and to help people be their best at work. 


He is a master in the "Business Focus" - a coaching method which reveals the core talent of the person and transform it to business’s expertise, making him an outstanding coach for small business owners.


David has spent years studying eastern philosophy (Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga). ​ As outcome of these years, he has developed a mindfulness program "The silence in the storm", and many others workshops and courses that teach meditation and eastern philosophy.


Ms. Reli Levy 

Senior Facilitator

Reli has over 20 years of experience as VP and part of management teams in various companies ('Meuhedet' Health Care, AMITIM Pension funds, Check Point Software and more). She is a passionate leader with a proven track record of building and leading large-scale organizations, achieving and exceeding business goals through complex problem solving and decision making, and applying positive leadership to foster growth and empower employees. Reli is strong believer in Positive Leadership, which is based on combining management (personal and professional) with a positive life perspective. 

Reli holds a MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology from New Buckinghamshire University in the UK.  In addition, she has completed numerous courses including Groups Facilitating at Semimar Hakibbutzim, Coaching studies at the CTI, Positive Psychology at IDC (Israel) and  Kripalo (NY) and is the first Israeli Certified teacher for the exclusive program born at Google,  Search Inside Yourself that teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership tools.


In the past year Reli has been an executive and personal coach for personal development and career growth, and an independent consultant and speaker in the field of Customer Experience, and Positive Psychology & Mindfulness training leaders, teams, and individuals to optimize their impact at work and live their best life.

For the last ten years, she has been practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation.


Ms. Iris Raor Baratz

Senior Facilitator

Iris has held leading senior positions in a variety of sectors over the past 15 years, spanning from private, public and governmental companies, commercial and residential real-estate, and in the high-tech industry. She specializes in business management and development, by creating Economic &Social Value-Based Strategies benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Iris holds an MBA (with honors) from the Technion Institute and a B.A. in Computer Science & Economics (with honors) from Tel-Aviv University. She completed a course in “Public Board Management”, a course in “Personal Coaching” at GOME College and the “Conscious Business Academy” program. 

In her previous position, Iris served as the General Manager of the Port of Tel-Aviv and the General Manager of "Sarona Village", leading all of the financial, strategic, cconstruction and cultural aspects. During her time in the High-Tech world, she served as a Market Analyst, Product Manager and Software Developer.

Iris currently serves on the boards of governmental institutions such as Mikve-Israel and as a consultant to companies and individuals in the business, management and personal skills development fields. She is a volunteer mentor in the elite IDF units alumni associations mentoring programs, “Woman2Woman” (8200) and “Hamisdar” (Sayeret Matkal). She studies and practices yoga and meditation on a daily basis.


Mr. David Solomon

Senior Facilitator

David recently retired from 36 years of service in the Israeli Army Special Forces followed by a tenure at the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Born in South Africa, David has a global outlook and embraces diversity of culture and thought, thanks in part to the positions he served in abroad as well as extensive international travels. 

Over decades of experience leading teams in tough environments and situations, David has unique battle proven experience in leadership and command development. This is complemented by strategic planning capability, homeland and national security expertise, complex project management ability and a strong emphasis on value-based conduct and core team building. 


David hold a BA in Business Administration from Middlesex University, London, UK and an MA in Government with a specialization in Counterterrorism from IDC, Herzliya, Israel. In addition, David is a graduate of The Wexner Senior Leadership Program at Boston’s  Harvard University.


These days David is the Chairman of Fetcherr, an Israeli AI driven startup, a member of an angel investment team and is on the Board of Trustees of Scorpius, a new and innovative Israeli Venture Capital Fund. 


David is the Chairman of the LEAD Alumni Foundation, a new NGO which aims to create positive impact by actively tackling and confronting the key challenges facing Israel and the Jewish Diaspora.


Ms. Adi Pimentell

Senior Facilitator

Adi retired from the IDF 7 years ago, after a varied service of about 25 years in the Intelligence Corps, including but not limited to commander in the IDF International Cooperation Department, an intelligence posting at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, position as a department head in the field of strategic core research and data gathering, and command of intelligence officer courses.


In recent years, Adi has accompanied people in realizing their vision in various content worlds – as a personal trainer and mentor in the decision-making process. She is a member of the core staff of the GOME College for Coaching and Mediating studies and activities, and a voluntary mentor for those leaving the Intelligence Corps as part of the Transitions (Ma'avarim) program. Alongside this, Adi accompanies Jeep tours around the world with the company Magma, practices yoga and meditation, and is involved in the development of yoga workshops at the "Yoga Horizon".


Adi holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies. She is a graduate of a personal training course, a group coaching course and a training course for Gome College coaches. She has done various military and civilian leadership development courses.


Dr. Omri Kastelnovo

Expert Psychologist

Omri holds a PhD and two Master's degrees in I/O (Industrial-Organizational) and Clinical Psychology from the University of Haifa. His main area of expertise is leadership with an emphasis on the role and determinants of charismatic influence.

Omri served as an in-house psychologist for Israeli military units, heading the personnel selection, counselling and the creation and maintenance of peak performance conditions.  


These days Omri is involved in teaching, writing, and mentoring about leadership and personnel selection in various academic, social, and commercial organizations. He is a part-time lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Haifa and co-founder of Shibboleth group, a company offering a range of high end, hand tailored psychological solutions for the recruitment of good and unique people.


Mrs. Tamar Kra Orlev
Chief Impact Officer

Tamar has many years of experience in management and leadership.  For almost a decade Tamar was the CEO of a large sized alumni network and non-profit organization - the Shaldag Unit Alumni Foundation. She is skilled in management and interpersonal connections, community development and engagement, production, budget planning and fundraising.


Tamar has a Bachelor's degree in Social Business Management and Education and is also a certified school teacher. She has gained comprehensive experience in the Impact world and Impact Assessment. During her army service she served as the unit commander's office manager in Israel's Air force elite unit.


Tamar believes that positive leadership and a positive life perspective is the main key to achieving 'success beyond success' and leading a fulfilled life. 


Ms. Galia Halevy Darbi

Community and Operations Manager

Galia has many years of experience in the high-tech industry, as an Assistant CEO and Operations Manager, with experience in both large companies and startups. Galia is also active in the field of mediation as an experienced mediator and as teacher of mediation. 


Galia served in an elite unit in the IDF. She graduated in Law and Government from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.

In parallel, for the last ten years, she has been studying, practicing and breathing yoga.


Mr. Amos Avisar

Mindfulness Facilitator

Amos Avisar has been practicing mindfulness in various settings for 15 years and guides mindfulness courses in the Israeli national education system, non-profit organizations and business organizations. He holds a B.Sc in biology and a M.A in alternative education from Haifa University.


He is the CEO of the “Sagol School for Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Cultivation” at the “Muda Institute for Mindfulness, Science and Society” at the“Sagol Center for Brain and Mind” at the School of Psychology at IDC Herzliya. 


Amos believes that, deep down, there is no difference between taking responsibility for one’s own well-being and taking responsibility for the well-being of others.


Ms. Shiri Aviel 

Mindfulness Facilitator

Shiri is a pioneering Israeli leader in the field of Corporate Mindfulness.

A specialist in organizational Mindfulness - Awareness, she holds an MA in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University.

Shiri has 25 years of experience in the fields of Leadership and Team Development and is the Co-Founder of the Center of Mindful Leadership in Israel. 

She has developed and led Mindfulness Based Organizational Interventions for thousands of employees and managers in Israel in the past 13 years – specializing in developing Adapted Mindfulness Tools mended for the Israeli Organizational Culture and its senior managers.

Shiri is also a Lecturer in Israeli and International conferences, in Academy, and an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher in Organizational and Private settings.


Long term Mindfulness meditation practitioner and Dharma \ Non - dual student – Shiri is dedicated to enhancing Awareness and Presence in the Israeli society.

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