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Many individuals never develop their full potential, and they function well below their maximum potential or highest self in the physical, emotional, intellectual and moral realms. This results in suffering and a sense of victimhood. Hopelessness ensues when individuals don’t find leaders worthy of emulation, and from whom they can draw inspiration and learn lessons.

Many organizations die or suffer from issues of integrity, conflict between founders, lack of emotional strength, or simply overblown egos. Employees do not thrive in a work environment devoid of a sense of purpose, under leaders who lack values and do not provide a positive personal example. This type of leadership creates an unhealthy and self-destructive work environment. 

Many societies wilt and lose cohesion when people lose their common roots in transcendent values. Authoritarian collectivist ideologies, with their consequent political and economic systems, threaten our hard-won principles of individualism, freedom, rationality, justice, truth and love. 

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