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The Hoffman Kofman Leadership Program 

Team with the Best. 
Learn from the Best.

1-year full scholarship executive excellence program.

Specially tailored for outstanding alumni of IDF’s Elite Units.


The Initiative is generously funded by  Mr. Reid G. Hoffmanone of the world’s top high-tech evangelist (co-founder of LinkedIn, Partner at Greylock Partners VC, Board Member at AIRBNB).


Learning from Professor Fred Kofman, MIT Professor, Ex-VP leadership at Google, Ex-VP leadership at Linkedin. Prof. Kofman is one of the world's most prominent leadership experts and coach to top business executives as Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela, Etc. 


Program managed directly by  Zur Genosar, Co-Founder & CEO of the Hoffman Kofman Foundation, former CEO within the Delek Group, Founder of Wisdom@Work, Lawyer,  Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher.

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We aim to develop leaders who will become extraordinary examples of excellence. Leaders who behave in a manner that earns them the moral authority to elicit the internal commitment of their followers for a shared mission of creating social and economic value.

Structure & Schedule


  • Timeline - program starts on February 2024, program ends on December 2024.


  • Mini workshops with Prof. Kofman and facilitators - will take place during February in intimate teams of 7 participants.


  • Weekly team coaching sessions with a senior facilitator - to discuss the leadership content and its applications. The meetings will be held virtually using Zoom.

  • Periodic cohort sessions and workshopsWim Hof workshop, mindfulness workshops and practices, business game, debate sessions, content experts.


  • Online learning platform – weekly content digest will be available online where participants will watch videos, listen to audio, read, and take quizzes.


  • Periodic Q&A Sessions with Prof. Kofman – to address the material learnt on the platform.





  • 360-degree skill set development based on a wholistic leadership model encompassing both soft and hard skills. Main themes include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Skills

  • Teamwork

  • Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution

  • System Optimization 

  • Conscious Business

  • Economy

  • Capitalism

  • Liberalism

  • Political Science

  • Philosophy

  • Wellbeing 

  • The program relies on a robust syllabus encompassing 20 different books, numerous essays, studies and videos, alongside Prof. Kofman's two leadership books: 

      Conscious Business - How to Build Value Through Values 

      The Meaning Revolution - The Power of Transcendent Leadership


  • The Course is based on a uniquely developed methodology which relies heavily on the active participation by the members, personal sharing and discussion, project base learning and case studies. 


  • The program is highly implemental and will focus on three areas of applying the learned material into everyday life: (relationship to self), We (relationship to team), and IT (relationship to company/society).




  • Bachelor University Degree + 5 years of work experience post-graduation (Alternatively: 8 years of work experience)  


  • Participants will be required to attend all sessions: opening event, mini-workshop, all weekly group coaching sessions 


  • In order to complete a full personal development path, engaging your mind, body and heart, each participant will commit to:

    • Maintaining a daily mindfulness practice and breathing exercise (20 minutes a day, 2.5 hours/week).

    • Maintaining a minimal weekly physical training workout (20 minutes a day, 2.5 hours/week).


  • The program will require participants to invest an average of 14 hours per week:

    • 5 hours - Content digest (self-managed time)

    • 5 hours - Personal practice: Mindfulness, Breathing, Physical (self-managed time)

    • 2 hours - Weekly team meeting (on zoom)

    • 2 hours - Periodical cohort meetings and workshops, Mindfulness practices, meetings with Prof. Kofman, talks by content experts (Physical/Zoom, weekly everage)

  • 'Pay It Forward' Project - as an integral part of the program, the participants will receive a full toolkit and coaching to be able to pass on the key tools and practices they have acquired. As such, the participants will be asked to Co-Facilitate a ‘pay it forward’ program: a learning group of 10 short meetings aimed for people in their 20’s, at the start of their professional life. We trust that this will create a ‘wave of goodness’ and a never-ending chain of good deeds and knowledge transfer.



Application Timeline

Application open: September 1st - September 30th, 2023.

Interviews held: during October/November 2023.

Final acceptance notice: during December 2023.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact your Alumni network head,

or email us at

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