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We envision a future world inspired by leaders who are dedicated to improving society, and promoting prosperity, peace, and freedom. These leaders would serve as exemplars of excellence; role-models that display the highest attributes of human potential in the personal, interpersonal, and social domains. 

Filling key leadership roles in enterprise and civil society, these leaders would advocate social cooperation based on mutual benefit, loving kindness and moral commitment to the wellbeing of others. 

With the fulfillment of this vision, global society would be in a far better position to address the threats and challenges that are encroaching upon Western Civilization and humanistic values.


We aim to develop leaders who will be extraordinary examples of excellence; leaders who behave in a manner that earns them the moral authority to elicit internal commitment to pursue a noble mission from their followers. We aim to develop virtues such as moral strength, courage, resilience, intelligence, mastery, integrity, equanimity, compassion, wisdom, care, and loving kindness. 

Our teaching is grounded in the moral, cultural, and socio-economic underpinnings of Western Civilization (Judeo-Christian values, Greco-Roman philosophy, and Anglo-American political economy). 



Eudaimonia: happiness, alignment with highest self, flourishing.
Bliss: state of unity, transcendence, wholeness, oneness and uplifted consciousness.
Love: agape, commitment to foster self- and other- flourishing.
Wisdom: ability to think and act effectively using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. 
Freedom: ability to do what one wants, power to act, speak, and think without restraint.
Peace: absence of conflict, a state of tranquility or quiet.
Justice: undoing the consequences of aggression; restoring an original state of peace.
Truth: accordance with fact and logic; empirical and rational validation.
Health: a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social well-being.
Prosperity: having a rich and full life, a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.

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