The pay it forward program is 10 weeks mini-program which is facilitated by our Ambassadors: Alumni of our 1-year Flagship Fellowship Program for Elite IDF Alumni.

Each Fellowship Alumni undertakes to transfer the key tools and practices he has acquired to at least 6 more people, thus creating what we call ‘a wave of goodness’ and ripple of effect of the conscious leadership content we provide.

We are hopeful that by spreading the word of Conscious Business, Values and Ethics we may bring about a meaningful impact to improve society, while promoting prosperity, peace and freedom.



The learning in done in small study groups of 6 members along with an Alumni Ambassador.

The learning methodology is based on Chevruta Learning – direct contact with the material learnt and mutual interaction.

  • 10 weekly meetings of 1 hour (first and the last held physically and rest are held on zoom).

  • Attendance in the meetings requires a pre-read assignment for every session, of at least another 1 hour (self-managed time).

  • Total time investment by the participants is of at least 20 hours (10 hours for meetings and 10 hours 10 self-study).


360-degree skill set development based on a wholistic leadership model encompassing both soft and hard skills. Main themes include:

  • Conscious Business 

  • Response-Ability 

  • Humility

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Coordination

  • Stoic Philosophy


Participation in this program is completely free of cost and requires only a personal motivation to learn and grow, along with the discipline to invest the amount of time required.

In case you are a member of one of our partner Alumni networks – please contact your Alumni network head.

In case you are not a member of such a partner network – no worries, please contact and we will find a Chevruta Learning group for you.