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Content, structure and requirements change from program to program, general outline of a typical program are:



Development of a 360- degree skill set - from team work and culture, through non-violent communication and conflict resolution, and all the way to political science, economy, philosophy and mindfulness.


Learning is based on a uniquely developed online platform, coupled with Prof. Kofman's two books on leadership: Conscious Business (2008); and The Meaning Revolution: The Power of Transcendent Leadership (2018). 


An additional reading list including up to 50 books and book summaries is handpicked and tailored to each program.


Highly implemental learning that focuses on applying the materials learned in three areas of everyday life: intrapersonal (relationship to self), interpersonal (relationship to team), and impersonal (relationship to company/society).




  •  Leadership Training Program, 4-6 months - depending on target audience


  • Mini workshops with Prof. Kofman and coaches - The workshops are conducted in intimate groups of 6 (each participant will join one workshop).


  • Weekly group online coaching sessions - real-time virtual discussions (90-120 minutes) in small groups of 6 participants with a coach/facilitator, to discuss the leadership content and its applications.


  • Online learning platform – via which participants watch videos, listen to audio, read materials, and take exams.


  • Offsite Workshop with Prof. Kofman, 3 days in Person - 1 or 2 retreats, depending on target audience and program length.



Participation Requirements 


  • Participants are required to attend all sessions including opening event, mini-workshops and all weekly group coaching sessions (zoom based).  


  • Background material will be provided prior to each weekly meeting. Participants are required to have read/watched/listened  to the relevant content to be discussed in the meeting.


  • Participants commit to maintaining a daily mindfulness practice and breathing exercise (total of 20 minutes/ day).


  • Participants commit to maintaining a minimal weekly physical training (2.5 hours/week) to complete a full personal development path engaging mind, body and heart.


  • The program requires participants to invest a minimum of 10 hours per week across all assignments including content digest, weekly meetings, personal practice.


Admission Requirements


Admission requirements change from program to program. The following are general requirements:

  • Alumni of partner networks (see: partners tab)

  • Holders of Bachelor degree and a minimum of  5 years of work experience post-graduation 

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